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Chem-Dry® of Richmond History

the owner of the Chem-Dry carpet cleaning company in Virginia Beach

1993 Brian Curran and John Lugo Phoenix Arizona

A Young Man with a dream and no money has made it BIG over the last 20 years.

That is absolutely the truth!

Hey, I’m Brian Curran, I started my first Chem-Dry franchise at the age of 24, with a shiny new degree from VCU in Advertising and 3 months of Chem-Dry experience in Phoenix, AZ, I opened my doors for business. Then I soon got a second job to pay all the bills.

I was so lucky to be very seriously dating Danielle Groody, soon to be wife. With her support we kept the doors open. The new franchise didn’t make any money for 3 years. All I could do was pay bills, pay down debt and try to expand. None of this would have been possible without the belief my wife had in me. I could only imagine what her father thought.

I slowly learned the business of great cleaning and Exceptional customer service. Then I knew it was time to grow.  I added a new van and technician and I answered the phones. Then I trained folks how to help people on the phone.  Now I’m out of a job.  Not for long, It was time to GROW!

In 2000 I started expanding the business over the next several years adding to the Richmond location with beautiful Charlottesville, Fredericksburg, and Williamsburg. The best thing of all we really started to dial in on Cleaning for your Health.

Chem-Dry corporate started to Revolutionize our industry in 2003 with the introduction of a new Truck Mount equipment adding to our already awesome Carbonated Cleaning.  It has only gotten better year after year with improved cleaners and staying true to the company’s founders dream of GREEN CLEANING.  It’s only been called green in the last few years, but we didn’t have to change a thing to get it Green Certified.

Today we are now excited to call Virginia Beach, my home town, our newest franchise territory.  It includes Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Newport News and Yorktown too.

I can’t wait to help all our home owners have the cleanest, healthiest home ever. Every day I teach the importance of Service to our Chem-Dry team.  I feel privileged providing a wonderful way to provide a nice living for hard working folks. We have become one of the nations largest Chem-Dry franchises. With that we earned the respect from our peers which has allowed us  to teach all over the country.

My father showed me many years ago how to have a truly blessed and successful life. Son grow up one day and get a job that you can be there for your kids swim meets, soccer games and cheering competitions. Well dad I’ve done that and am so happy you that you taught me the importance of my family and other peoples families as well.

Give one of our Customer Service Reps a call right now they would be happy to help you!