Chesapeake Pet Urine Removal

living room with cleaned carpets

Chesapeake Pet Urine Removal

Here at Green Dog Chem-Dry, we love pets! But we also know that they can leave behind stubborn stains and odors that can make your home feel dirty. Thankfully, our Chesapeake pet urine removal services can get rid of these messes so that your home feels clean and healthy once again! Having a pet does not mean you have to give up the fresh home you love.

Read on to learn more about our pet urine removal in Chesapeake VA and how it can leave your carpet and upholstery feeling fresher than ever!


Why are Pet Urine Stains and Odors Difficult to Get Rid Of?

Pet urine can cause permanent damage to your floors and fabrics, as well as create an unhealthy indoor environment. And if you’ve tried to remove pet urine from your carpet or upholstery, you’ve already discovered that it doesn’t work very well. With bacteria growth and a chemical odor, it’s normal for these smells to linger for a long time.

While there are many pet urine removal products on the market, not all of them are effective. Some will leave a residue on the carpet that will attract dirt, while others will cause the stain to be permanent. Not to mention, rubbing the carpet too hard can damage its tufts, which are responsible for giving your carpet that soft, lush feeling.

The best option is to call in the professionals from Green Dog Chem-Dry. Our Chesapeake pet urine removal services will remove both the urine stain and the odor from your carpet or upholstery. You can feel good knowing that your home is clean, safe and healthy!


What Makes Our Pet Urine Removal in Chesapeake VA Different

Green Dog Chem-Dry is not just another steam cleaning company. Here’s what makes us unique.

  • We start with a truck mount cleaning that flushes the carpet fibers and reduces urine crystals.
  • An antibacterial solution is applied to the carpet to kill bacteria growth.
  • We apply P.U.R.T., a revolutionary new product specially formulated to remove urine odors. Chem-Dry is the only company that offers this product.
  • All parts of the carpet - the carpet, pad and subfloor - are saturated to ensure complete odor removal.

To schedule professional Chesapeake pet urine removal services, contact Green Dog Chem-Dry today.