We are taking COVID-19 very seriously.
  • Our shop and Office are sanitized daily.
  • Employees who don’t feel well are told to stay home.
  • FREE Sanitizing with Healthy Home Special!
Healthy Homes help your family fight off all sickness and give your immune systems a Boost. Our family of employees, thank you for your trust and support in these difficult times.
God Bless us all,
Rick Shield Owner and Operator
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New Daily Sanitizing Procedures for our Technicians

We are using an EPA Hospital Grade Sanitizer Disinfectant that is labeled to kill germs, bacteria and viruses. It is labeled to kill all previous corona viruses.

Every Morning wipe down all high touch points in you van.

Practice social distancing with clients and team members

Use hand Sanitizer on your hands just before entering home.

Spray sanitizer on pad and wipe feet upon entering home

Spray Sanitizer on all equipment that goes into a home or business

Crack windows or doors for fresh air

One Towel per house!

Spray your mop head with Sanitizer after every job

WASH hands thoroughly upon leaving each home and business